RSS - Biuro i Administracja 2020-01-27T3:52:40+01:00 240 Praca w korporacji z j. francuskim!,Praca+w+korporacji+z+j.+francuskim%21,,,,and.html 2020-01-27T2:00:20+01:00 Biuro i Administracja Junior Finance Specialist with German (B1),Junior+Finance+Specialist+with+German+%28B1%29,,,,and.html 2020-01-27T2:00:20+01:00 Biuro i Administracja Specjalista ds. kadr - roczny kontrakt,Specjalista+ds.+kadr+-+roczny+kontrakt,,,,and.html 2020-01-27T2:00:20+01:00 Biuro i Administracja,,,,,and.html 2020-01-27T2:00:20+01:00 Biuro i Administracja Customer Service Advisor GERMAN Speaker,Customer+Service+Advisor+GERMAN+Speaker,,,,and.html Are you an impressive communicator and a great listener? If you have a strong analytical mind and if you speak German, our international offices in Poland are waiting for you. Start working in a leading industry from today. Responsibilities Handling incoming phone calls/e-mails from customers regarding technical issues related to hardware, software, and network. Also, delivering professional and prompt ... (InfoPraca) 2020-01-26T22:00:14+01:00 Biuro i Administracja Accountant with Hungarian,Accountant+with+Hungarian,,,,and.html Accountant with Hungarian Katowice NR REF.: 1132996 Your new companyFor our Client, an international company located in Katowice, we are looking for Accountants with Hungarian. Your new roleWithin this position you will be responsible for validating and processing different types of incoming documents, researching invoice discrepancies, performing necessary corrections to ensure timely and accurate ... (InfoPraca) 2020-01-26T20:00:14+01:00 Biuro i Administracja,M%B3odszy+specjalista+z+j.+angielskim,,,,and.html 2020-01-26T20:00:14+01:00 Biuro i Administracja German Speakers Opportunity in Finance and Accounting,German+Speakers+Opportunity+in+Finance+and+Accounting,,,,and.html German Speakers Opportunity in Finance and Accounting Katowice NR REF.: 1132978 Your new companyFor our Client, an international company located in Katowice we are looking for candidates who want to start a career in accounting department. Your new role Checking for accuracy and completeness of accounting information Updating data in the system Posting invoices and resolving the queries Processing of ... (InfoPraca) 2020-01-26T18:00:14+01:00 Biuro i Administracja,Pracownik+biurowy+-+j%EAzyk+francuski,,,,and.html 2020-01-26T16:00:12+01:00 Biuro i Administracja,Konsultant+ds.+wsparcia+klient%F3w,,,,and.html 2020-01-26T16:00:12+01:00 Biuro i Administracja Fund Accountant - Securities - German B1,Fund+Accountant+-+Securities+-+German+B1,,,,and.html (InfoPraca) 2020-01-26T16:00:12+01:00 Biuro i Administracja Pracownik biurowy - katalogowanie,Pracownik+biurowy+-+katalogowanie,,,,and.html 2020-01-26T16:00:12+01:00 Biuro i Administracja Office and People Manager,Office+and+People+Manager,,,,and.html (InfoPraca) 2020-01-26T16:00:12+01:00 Biuro i Administracja,Spedytor+mi%EAdzynarodowy,,,,and.html 2020-01-26T14:00:11+01:00 Biuro i Administracja Lead Auditor,Lead+Auditor,,,,and.html (InfoPraca) 2020-01-26T14:00:11+01:00 Biuro i Administracja CSV Manager,CSV+Manager,,,,and.html (InfoPraca) 2020-01-26T14:00:11+01:00 Biuro i Administracja QC & Lab Manager,QC+%26amp%3B+Lab+Manager,,,,and.html (InfoPraca) 2020-01-26T14:00:11+01:00 Biuro i Administracja Senior Quality Engineer,Senior+Quality+Engineer,,,,and.html (InfoPraca) 2020-01-26T14:00:11+01:00 Biuro i Administracja Quality Assurance & Quality Control Expert,Quality+Assurance+%26amp%3B+Quality+Control+Expert,,,,and.html (InfoPraca) 2020-01-26T14:00:11+01:00 Biuro i Administracja Head of QC Services,Head+of+QC+Services,,,,and.html (InfoPraca) 2020-01-26T14:00:11+01:00 Biuro i Administracja Financial Reporting Specialist,Financial+Reporting+Specialist,,,,and.html Financial Reporting Specialist Gdansk NR REF.: 1132966 We are looking for analytical and detail-oriented Candidates to join new GBS Centre in Tricity, on a position of Reporting Specialists. Responsibilities: Preparing, maintaining and reviewing consolidated financial information on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Performing all activities as a system administrator for finance consolidation system ... (InfoPraca) 2020-01-26T14:00:11+01:00 Biuro i Administracja Magazynier,Magazynier,,,,and.html 2020-01-26T12:00:12+01:00 Biuro i Administracja EMENA Financial Controller,EMENA+Financial+Controller,,,,and.html EMENA Financial Controller Katowice NR REF.: 1133798 Currently for our multinational Client located in Katowice we are looking for EMENA Financial Analyst/ Financial Controller (EMEA, Middle East and North Africa).Working on this position you will be responsible for daily cooperation with Plant Controllers located across the European sites providing financial support (sales analysis, production costs ... (InfoPraca) 2020-01-26T12:00:12+01:00 Biuro i Administracja QESH Manager Food,QESH+Manager+Food,,,,and.html (InfoPraca) 2020-01-26T10:00:10+01:00 Biuro i Administracja,M%B3odszy+specjalista+ds+sprzeda%BFy,,,,and.html 2020-01-26T10:00:10+01:00 Biuro i Administracja Global Internal Auditor,Global+Internal+Auditor,,,,and.html (InfoPraca) 2020-01-26T10:00:10+01:00 Biuro i Administracja,,,,,and.html 2020-01-26T8:00:08+01:00 Biuro i Administracja QA/RA Senior Project Manager,QA%2FRA+Senior+Project+Manager,,,,and.html (InfoPraca) 2020-01-26T2:00:27+01:00 Biuro i Administracja QA Incident Manager,QA+Incident+Manager,,,,and.html (InfoPraca) 2020-01-26T2:00:27+01:00 Biuro i Administracja Head Quality Assurance,Head+Quality+Assurance,,,,and.html (InfoPraca) 2020-01-26T2:00:27+01:00 Biuro i Administracja